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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cherry Picking Science

I'm always amazed at people who claim that science has shown the bible to be correct. I'm amazed at people who use science to validate their faith (Hugh Ross comes immediately to mind). At the same time, these people ridicule science when they perceive the findings of science to be anathema to their belief system. Skepticism is healthy, cherry picking modern science to bolster ones faith in God is not. God is a supernatural entity and thus should (if such a God does exist) be outside of our scientific world. Science tests the natural world. If we 'prove God' then what need for faith? I've heard people claim that the Big Bang proves God, but why must this be so? Why even look to see if this may be so? One thing that we know about science is that it is fallible. Science is pretty darn good at describing the natural world, but it's not perfect. If we hang our faith hat on the model of the Universe today, then what happens if the scientific model is shown to be flawed? The logical answer is that if we base our faith on science, then we must abandon our faith if that science is shown to be flawed. If relativity 'proves God', then anti-relativity must disprove God. If the Big Bang model proves God, then the existence of a static universe must disprove God. If the lack of an explanation for the bacteria flagellum must prove an intelligent designer (eg God), then the evolutionary explanation for the development of the flagella must disprove God. Thus, I've never understood people whose faith rests (either partly or wholly) on the findings of modern science. Let science explain what it can, but it is silly for anyone to base their religious faith on science. It is just plain silly to make arguments that 'God is proven by the current scientific model' because if that model changes, then the faith should rightly be abandonded.


Joe Meert


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