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Monday, March 07, 2011

As Predicted Academic Freedom Bill comes to Florida

Shortly after the elections last fall, I looked over the different Florida house and senate races and saw the 'perfect storm' for the so-called Academic Freedom bill to be reintroduced. Sure enough SB1854 was introduced by Stephen Wise (also in the prediction). Stay tuned to see how this plays out. It doesn't look good for the pro-science education groups in Florida as the conservatives control both the house and senate by a wide margin and Rick Scott is sympathetic to creationism.

What's particularly interesting is that the anti-evolution legislation is tucked into a bill that is basically a rant of conservative 'principles'. This reminds me of the scene in American graffiti where the underage Toad goes into the store to buy liquor. He asks for everything under the sun and then slips in 'a bottle of old harper' with the hope that the guy will just fill the list because it all sounded so harmless.


Joe Meert


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