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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Florida House Speaker on Budget negotiations

Here's the timeline. The differences between the House and Senate budgets must be worked out by next Monday (perhaps Tuesday) in order to have the requisite 72 hour discussion period in place prior to voting on the last day of the legislative session May 1, 2009. I say Monday because the budget must be printed and distributed which can take a day or so. At present, the two sides are discussing the issues behind closed doors. House speaker Larry Cretul provided an update on those discussions this afternoon and the news is not good for higher education.

Cretul notes:

We have informed the Senate that we would be willing to consider supporting nearly all of the proposals for additional revenues contained in their budget. But in return, the House is asking the Senate to support nearly all spending reductions proposed by the House.

This will ensure a long-term, fiscally sound budget approach. That approach responsibly reduces state government spending in the coming fiscal year.Such a course would prepare the state for the expiration of federal stimulus dollars beginning next year.

Those cuts include huge cuts to the University system. This is getting dire. If you have not written your representative and senator, there is no more time.


Joe Meert


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

So, is this the death knell? I think I want to shoot that little bird of yours for giving me false hope...

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Joe Meert said...

Ultimately it is the budget that will kill or save us. This is definitely the case of the bird in the turd.

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if your bird was in the wrong booth.

At 9:03 PM, Blogger Joe Meert said...

Let me tell you the story of the bird in the turd.

It was a cold day, freezing cold and a small bird had fallen into the snow. The poor bird began to freeze. Along came a dog and saw the bird lying in the snow freezing to death. The dog wanted to help the bird, but did not know how. Then he saw some fresh cow turds lying in the road. Steam rose from these warm turds and inspiration hit the dog. He plucked the bird from the snow and plopped him into the turds. By and by the bird was warmed and he began to sing a lovely song. A wily fox happened to hear the singing, saw the bird, plucked him from the turd and gobbled him up.

The morals?

(1) the person who gets you into the mess isn't always you're enemy
(2) the person who pulls you out of the mess isn't always your friend
(3) when you're in it up to your neck, it's no time to sing.


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