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Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Silence in the Aftermath

The Florida legislature will conclude this session (at $40,000+ a day) by passing a budget that is not a lean or mean to higher education as initially feared. It's not clear how much political pressure came down on the legislators to forge this deal (all behind closed doors), but it's interesting to see the reaction. I've scanned the local newspaper (the gainesville sun) for articles discussing how the proposed budget will affect UF. Nope, the sunday headlines are about graduation at UF (not bad, two articles on swine flu and discounts at area theme parks. UF is the economic driving force in the city and the cuts, whatever they might be, are going to hurt the city. The city does not seem to care.

Perhaps this lack of attention is precisely what the legislators learn early on in their political careers. They are probably told that they'll hear complaints for a couple of days and then the complaints will stop. So why not forge ahead with deals that will aid their political careers no matter how damaging it might be to many of their constituents. In politics, it seems that action taken is far less important than promises made.


Joe Meert


At 12:43 AM, Anonymous rainbow kittens said...

So Dan Lirette (you posted about him back in 2007 and how he was running a venue wherein atheists and Christians could debate - and then made it to look like the athetists were "attacking" the Christians uninvited) knocked one of his protege's up and she gave birth to a brainless baby. Not sure if anyone else informed you, but her blog is here:


And the thread about it on SomethingAwful is here:


Dan admitted that he knocked the girl up, but when confronted about it he removed his testimony from one of those Christian webforums and said that everyone was rewording what he said.

Anyway, he asked Jesus to forgive him and I guess Jesus did. Or something. His wife supposedly forgave him, too. But he's still not helping out with the brainless wonder.

Thought you might be interested, because Dan Lirette is an e-douche of the finest e-douche quality.

Here's the article that the goons put together on ED:


SA Goon

At 6:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking off topic, where did that come from?

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Joe Meert said...

Long story.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyway, I just read that the House and Senate have declared an end to the bickering. The budget goes to the printer.

Now, when do we hear our new revised cuts from Tigert? This ought to be interesting. But, realistically, I'd rather it be nothing.


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