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Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's indoctrination time!!!

Today classes start at UF (Go Gators!) and I am teaching "Historical Geology" which is the second course in the Geology major. In the intro course we mention evolution, but this course is the one where we slowly and subliminally get them to reject God and accept Darwin. It's tough to do because these kids are smart and do a lot of thinking. Over the years, the psychology people have developed methods of brain washing that even the best students would never catch onto. Anyway, we manage to convince them of Darwinism and many will have posters of Charles on their walls by midsemester. Yes, I love this time of year. Spring is for indoctrination.
Hopefully you've read this far in order to understand that I am being facetious. Nevertheless, this is how many young earth creationists think education works. They view education as another part of the atheist conspiracy meant to rid the world of faith and belief in God.
In truth, teaching a course like this is challenging. Students at UF are sharp and they want to learn and they want to use that education to make their own mark. Rather than blindly following the lecture, the course will challenge them at fundamental levels to think like a scientist. More importantly, teaching this course challenges me to teach the history of life and geology on earth to students who will challenge what I say. Rather than being indoctrination time, it's really a time where students start applying what they are learning in geology in practical and theoretical ways. As always, it's sure to be a fun semester.


Joe Meert


At 12:30 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

They probably won't like the taste (especially if they order it after the game). I have this double hatred of OSU. BS/MS from Florida and PhD from Michigan.


Joe Meert


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