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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Interesting Report on Science Education in the US

(AP)SAN FRANCISCO - People in the U.S. know more about basic science today than they did two decades ago, good news that researchers say is tempered by an unsettling growth in the belief in pseudoscience such as astrology and visits by extraterrestrial aliens.

In 1988 only about 10 percent knew enough about science to understand reports in major newspapers, a figure that grew to 28 percent by 2005, according to Jon D. Miller, a Michigan State University professor. He presented his findings Saturday at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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The major dumbing down is coming about through all the false science necessary to bolster a religiously dogmatic position known as young earth creationism/intelligent design.


Joe meert


At 4:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if people would only take as much time with the Bible and it's multitude of scientifically based and PROVEN facts, as they do in reading their daily horoscopes they would discover that God is not only forbidding witchcraft, stargazing for fortune telling, psychics, etc, from ever coming before our eyes and ears, but God PROVES that his WORD can be trusted and finally, [very soon now], (prophetically speaking) we shall all behold the wonder AND the sheer terror of it all, as our creator divides His people from all of these forsaken souls!

It is my sincere hope that you are one of those that are not found fleeing on that great & awful day, for it's "just around the corner", and yet this kind of proposition just falls on deaf ears; as it was predicted, (prophecised Biblically) all along. These fulfilled predictions, in themselves, are sufficient enough evidence that only the Director of all of existence can possibly know the beginning from the end, but your article points out: in 1988 only 10% of the newspaper readers were scientifically literate enough to comprehend the news stories and today (19 years later! ) that percentage has risen to a mere 28% !!! How in the world can anyone expect to get anything out of a book, (the Bible), that was purposely written by God for the understanding of those who "diligently" search out a matter, (HIS words), when we're too lazy to comprehend simple things around us?

At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Extremist lady/dude,
You must be rolling up your hashish in your bible papers because you are flying high in an imaginary world. There is absolutely NO scientific proof that the biblical events ever happened! There are only scientific explanations of why they did not happen and how they could have been interpreted in the way that they were written. There is no such thing as a higher being, that is only egotism from human nature creating a fallacy that we are "so special". Wake up to the real world, there is no god! The only reason that people come up with such stories is to comfort themselves and also explain events that primitive technology can not explain. Go out and live tyour life the way you want before your bodies life runs out and you fall into the great unconscious sleep. Why conform your life to everything that is against your human insticts just for a pipe dream?
In religion there is no such thing as proven fact, there is only faith/false hope.


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