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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Some Nice News

Today I received word that I had been elected as a Fellow of the Geological Society of America. It's not a huge deal, but it's nice to be recognized as a contributor to my field of science.


Joe Meert


At 7:36 PM, Blogger James F. McGrath said...


At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Awesome recognition for the good work you do.

At 10:29 AM, Blogger RBH said...


At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to debate intelligent design with you on a rational bases. If I am wrong then science will show it.Unlike some people who debate, I use reason.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

You can't use reason and argue for intelligent design. I's an oxymoron.


Joe Meert


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