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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dr. D. James Kennedy

Well Dr. James Kennedy is wacking out against evolution again. In his 'bara' series, Kennedy tells us that no human being can ever prove there is no God, in fact it is also true that no human being can ever prove there is a God, so the first few minutes of his speech are wasted. Kennedy is worried about atheists being 'foolish little ants'. Of course all of this is a lead in to his attack on evolutionary biology and blaming all the world's problems on evolutionary science. Yes, folks Kennedy tells us this important message 'if you tell people they are animals, then all hell breaks loose'. They are just acting out what we are teaching them in school. Evolution is getting nailed down (i.e. overtaught) in schools at the very same time that evolution is 'falling apart' and the evolutionary castles are falling apart and evolution is in Chaos! Hmm, someone should tell the biologists. Don't you just love stories about the imminent demise of science? The Big Bang theory is also apparently falling apart as is most of modern science to hear D. James telling it.

Here is what D. James Kennedy tells us evolution relies on:

(1) Fertility of imagination.
(2) Gullibility of the audience

Hmm, sounds like another lie. He also tells us that there are over 100 million fossils in museums now and there are no transitional forms. Hmm, wonder what he thinks of tiktaalik roseae or these? Next he'll be telling us about the lie of partial derivatives (See also the first comment attached to this blog). It's one of the great mysteries of math, there should be hundreds of partials if full derivatives exist. But all the so-called 'partials' we see in the math books are fakes.

The guy sounds like he's reading directly from pamphlets supplied to him by Answers in Genesis without ever exploring whether that information is indeed accurate. It's a classic case of belief suspending skepticism. I know he's skeptical of evolution, but did he ever stop to think how science could be so wrong about so many things? Geology is wrong, paleontology is wrong, biology is wrong, astronomy is wrong, physics is wrong etc etc. Don't extraordinary claims like 'all science is wrong' send up a big red flag? The answer for D. James Kennedy is 'not really, cuz the message SELLS!'. Chalk up another liar for Jesus.

Sorry, I can't listen to this anymore. If you want to listen to someone lie, lie again in the name of God, D. James Kennedy is right there alongside Kent Hovind!


Joe Meert

PS: Ed Brayton has a very interesting blog on the Templeton foundation and their relationship with ID'er William Dembski (very interesting read).


At 9:29 AM, Blogger Brett said...

Next up, James Dobson tells us that linear algebra and analytical geometry is a big atheistic hoax... we are teaching our kids things like asymptotic curves, where the curve gets closer and closer to a line but never reaches it... what is this telling our children about getting close to God?

At 3:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny how Dr. Kennedy said the following quote, which talks about the importance of education, but yet his fervent stance against evolution was based on complete ignorance.

"Evangelical ministers [need] to be thoroughly educated and equipped to meet on equal terms anyone with whom they come in contact." ~Dr. Kennedy

As you have pointed out, Dr. Kennedy's views on evolution, in light of scientific knowledge, seem to be based on nothing but closed-mindedness. In addition, it strikes me as arrogant when people like Dr. Kennedy claim that they know that it could not have been God's plan for people to come to be through an evolutionary process lasting over a long period of time. And I don't see how the idea that we evolved from single-celled organisms undermines morality. There is no denying that we humans are moral beings, and this is something that separates us from all other animal life on earth, regardless of our biological relationship with it.

I was astounded by the ignorance and closed-mindedness displayed by Dr. Kennedy on this issue during the course of his life. His Ph.D. obviously wasn't in science.


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks JD. You offer the Tiktaalik as one of the links that show evolution and it made me think that maybe evolution really doesn't makes sense. The theory is that the Tiktaalik evolved because it needed wrists and lungs for the shallow water in which it lived. It would make sense that he needed lungs because there would be periods of time that the water would be too shallow to support his life... if that were the case then they would just die waiting for lungs to develop... and that brings up another point. Question...If I swim every day (I do) and I hold my breath a lot (I do) then me or my kids will start to devlop gills? How does my body know to do this? Scienifically there is no way unles it's already in my DNA... and if it's already in my DNA then its not evolution. Self thinkers must question all beliefs and the more I understand the more evolution seems to be a bad science.

At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I received my doctorate before receiving Christ as my Lord and Savior; it was "then" that my "scientific" education, background and philosophies were metamorphosed; Science and numbers are ALL inventions of The Creator of the universe; Scripture teaches that "all things that were made were made by Him (Jesus)"
Scripture also teaches, "Spiritual things are spiritually understood"; in other words, one is "blind" the WHOLE truth until and unless the Holy Spirit reveals and resides within. As a 56 year old with undergrad, Master's in Science and a Doctorate in Dental Medicine, I can safely say I have examined both sides of the fence AND "lived" on the evolution side for 23 years of those 56. There is no doubt in my mind that Almighty God loves us ALL INFINITELY and shows it "daily" by keeping a huge burning inferno at a delicate temperature that stays balanced and keeps us all from freezing and/or burning to bits and does so from 93 million miles away AND NEVER consumes itself.....THAT is a miracle in and of itself.
Matt 6:33

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Joe Meert said...

anonymous. I am glad you found something you were looking for. The problem is that your experience is not universal nor does it have any significance for me or this argument. Many people have transformative experiences in one way or another, but science doesn't change simply because you've found a new vision for your personal life. What you find 'amazing' is a relatively simplistic view of our sun made to conform with your new belief system. It may bring you comfort, but it's not quite accurate.


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