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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Pat Robertson Should be applauded for his comments on Haiti

Everyone is up in arms over the comments that Pat Robertson made the other day regarding the earthquake in Haiti. For those who have been asleep, Robertson asserted that because haiti made a pact with the devil to be free from French rule, they have suffered ever since. The point he was making was that Haiti got what it deserved. So why should anyone applaud such an asinine comment? Simple, it serves as evidence of the intolerance and bigotry that permeates evangelical religions. Christian wackos like Robertson are no better than nutballs from any other religion.

Whenever someone tries to tell me that Christians are tolerant and caring, I can drag out people like Robertson and my own wacko neighbor Terry Jones. Jones is so far to the right that he would make Robertson look like a flaming liberal, but both show that the conservative Christian movement is about hatred and intolerance. Nothing more, nothing less. So let's hear it for Pat. He's an intolerant imbecile who shows us that Christianity is no better than any other religon.


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