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Monday, March 19, 2007

Richard Fortey attacks ID and is counter-attacked

Renowned British paleontologist Richard Fortey took on Intelligent Design last week in the London Daily Telelgraph. His article was titled "The Ego and the ID" and he concluded with the following statement:

So that is why biologists get so mad at the propagation of ID. It wastes time. It suppresses research rather than encouraging it. It's not really a theory, it's a story. It deflects the young from asking the important questions. It serves to kill curiosity rather than encourage it. Sometimes it is right to get angry in the face of unreason. Darwinists are readily labelled. There should be an equivalent term for the proponents of Intelligent Design. May I suggest IDiots?

Now, to be fair, many of us have been using the term IDiots for some time. It's cute, accurate and it works. Of course, the DISCO folk got a hold of the article and began to deconstruct Fortey's message. Peter Williams takes on Fortey in his response. Williams claims that Fortey is attacking a straw-man. Williams fails to recognize that ID IS a strawman set up to look like science! So, Richard is forced to attack a strawman by design!
Sadly, Williams does not really offer a single worthwhile point in his counter-argument. Of course he tries to separate ID'ology from religion whereas fundamentalist religion is the source of their funding and are one of ID'ers strongest allies. Seems very strange to constantly deny the obvious, but how else does one explain ID except through constant denial of the obvious?


Joe Meert


At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the webcast of Fortey's Faraday Lecture which is linked to the Daily Telegraph article (or can be accessed through the Royal Society main page.)

At 8:53 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

I'm actually growing fonder of "Paleyist" by the day. It's nice to remind people that IDs ideas are not even remotely new -- and that they were already taken apart and refuted in Darwin's own lifetime.


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