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Monday, August 31, 2009

What was God's judgement on Dino Adventure Land?

Today is August 31, 2009 the day that the Hovind family was to come up with funds to save DAL or turn it over to the feds as payment for Kent Hovind's criminal activity. At one point earlier this month, Eric Hovind asked donors to send cash to support DAL. There was a quick early support for the effort, but then Eric went tripping around the lights of Holywood in awe of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. For those who don't know Kirk is a former actor cum 'evangelist' who knows little about the bible and even less about science. Ray Comfort is the penultimate con-artist who uses religion more as a weapon than a tool for salvation. Anyway, the question of the day is whether or not Eric raised the cash to prevent the takeover. I guess either way 'god's will' has been served. If they raised the money, then God saw fit to protect the ministry and if they did not raise the money, then God is using them in a new fashion. Doncha just love prayer? Always answered and therefore impossible to test. My bet is that DAL is dead. It died while Eric kissed up to a former childhood actor and a man who's con game is selling bananas to streetwalkers in Hollywood?


Joe Meert

PS: I'll bid $1.00 on the leap of faith swing at DAL


At 4:43 PM, Blogger RBH said...

According to yesterday's WorldNutDaily Eric still needed $170K.


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